FastComet Shared Hosting Review

FastComet hosting service was recommended to me by a friend on Black Friday when they had some pretty sweet deals. I went ahead and got myself a shared hosting plan. After using it for like a month, here I am sharing my experience with FastComet shared hosting.

FastComet Features

FastComet web hosting offers many exciting features including free domain for life, SSD storage, powerful caching mechanism and much more.

1. Free Domain Forever

To be honest if that was all they were offering they would be better than any other shared hosting system out there because all those sites really try to get you on that especially GoDaddy they will give a domain for practically nothing and then you’ll be paying close to 20$ for every year for the rest of the domain’s life.

2. SSD Cloud

FastComet SSD storage has a huge impact on site loading time and makes it 300 percent faster access to the files and database compared to all non-SSD hosting providers. There are many companies that provide SSD storage but they are all either expensive or have very poor service.

3. Free CloudFlare CDN

Cloudflare caches your content across their global network, bringing it closer to visitors from every region. They have different hubs all over the world which makes your site load quickly and provides a better user experience.

4. Advance Caching Mechanism:

Most hosting sites provide three layer caching mechanism but FastComet provides us with five layers which includes:

5. Varnish Cache

What it does: Superior caching technology which improves your Time to First Byte (TTFW) to a greater extent 10x

How it helps: Helps optimize deliver fast loading sites lowering response time of your website.

6. PHP with APC and Optimum Cache

What it does: OptimumCache reduces memory usage and decrease the number of disk operations and APC help caches objects instead of the whole page.

How it helps: Improves your website’s response time and provides fast loading images.

7. CloudFlare CDN Cache

What it does: Automatically caches static files at their edge nodes.

How it helps: Files are stored closer and delivered faster to your visitors and content is sent directly from your web server.

8. Memcached

What it does: A memory caching system used by one of the most popular sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and similar sites.

How it helps: Significantly improves your website performance.

9. cPanel Powered Hosting:

Daily and weekly backups For easy point-and-click management of your hosting account.JetBackup is the company which provides the cPanel based backup tool which alone costs around $3.95 per month but comes free with FastComet.

10. 24/7 Priority Support

This is certainly a major point here, technical support is often lacking at best you’re on a chat line with somebody or if you’re lucky you’re on hold for less than 20 minutes. FastComet offers live chats, Email and support ticket support and just by doing a simple google search can show you how satisfied their customers are with their support.

11. Fixed Prices

One of the many unique things about FastComet web hosting is their fixed annual renewal prices. Unlike other web hosting services, the renewal price of all the services is exactly the same what you paid initially. They are not going to feed you with any type of weird charge backs or upgrades on payments. For instance, if you get a StartSmart plan for $2.95/month you can pay the same amount for lifetime.

12. 45-Days Moneyback Guarantee

Don’t like them? You can simply just disappear. They will provide a full refund, no questions asked. You are free to cancel your service at any moment with no extra charges.

13. Easy Start Pain-Free Transfer

You can get your website transferred in less than an hour and the best thing about this is that it’s completely free. Also, the whole process is people powered so they are not going to rely on automated scripts which sometimes mess up your site.

14. No Down time

Offers a top-of-the-line up-time to their hosting clients and promises 99.9% of up-time which makes it one of the best reliable hosting company around.

15. Seven Data Centers spread over the world

Provides services from seven data centers located around the world.

  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • London
  • Frankfurt

Increase your SEO Performance

FastComet provides you with free Search engine optimization and marketing tools, It’s a simple yet effective tool that teaches people about SEO and helps to learn SEO techniques to absolute beginners. This tool is equipped with the information about:

  • Getting indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo to improve website traffic.
  • Link Building Tools – For which you have to pay.
  • Generating a sitemap for your website.
  • And free SEO tips.

Additional Perks

  • Gives you more than 150+ best and powerful open source applications with one click installation.
  • Free OpenCart theme.
  • You may even ask them for extra module installation to make your site significantly better.
  • They will also provide you a GlobalSign SSL certificate(From http:// to https://) free of cost for one year on single site or multiple hosting and always free for e-commerce plan secure hosting provider.
  • Free website template installations to your website for a nicer looking site.
  • Virus scan and malware protection.
  • Video tutorials to get you started.
  • Unrestricted Professional Email Accounts (For giving your site a more professional look, You can get emails with and also set emails with particular date and time to send the email automatically.
  • Securing your site by IP Blocker (blocking any IP address from looking at your site, hot link protection (not allowing sites to directly link files such as jpg, gif, png.), leech protection (let you prevent your users from publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of the site).
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates (nothing new here, almost all the companies are providing this).

Let’s Talk About Cons

Although as much as I wish, It’s simply just not possible for a service to provide you the whole package you require without any problem, There are always likely to be several drawbacks. And after browsing through some negative reviews I’ve put together a certain amount of points which might be deemed as problematic which are:

  • The basic StartSmart package is not as fast as I expected it to be.
  • Despite the fact that the money-back guarantee lasts longer when compared to several other services, The renewals don’t fall under this category and partial funds are not processed.
  • You also have to provide setup fee for one-month billing plans.
  • Ruby on Rails is not supported by FastComet. This could possibly be a deal breaker for some.

Final Thoughts:

My suggestion on FastComet hosting service is that for starting amount fact that you can actually keep the amount for renewal is highly recommended for just about anyone from people running a business or those that happen to be working individually on their websites.It can be a good option for websites handling low data considering it’s a growing company.But they definitely are upgrading their services and hardware

There are certainly a great number of positive features which far outweighs the negative ones and as this company is a fairly new one and to get their game up and running they are surely gaining in the race with high-end companies like Bluehost and SiteGround.

Why should you choose them? It’s because they are living up to their name and are providing fast service, Fast support, Fixed prices and many freebies.

That’s it for my FastComet review, If you wish to add anything further you can do it in the comment box below.

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